• Introducing StuXsystem. One card many features

  • Secured & forge proof

  • Photo Identification plus many more

  • Online Offline Verification

  • Security and Access control made simple

  • The Complete Smartcard Solution

  • Integrated E-card for payment

  • Can be used in different sectors

Online & Offline verification

Complete solution

Stuxsystem handles more than just photo identification

Bio-metric data linked

It is linked to biometrics to ensure greater security.No long Queues Needed for data capture

Integrated system

Any system can be used

About Us

StuXsystem is the Brainchild of 247 Solutions & Management Limited. The solution is an Identification Management System which is designed specifically for organisations and Institutions that face the challenge of managing personnel numbers.

This system encompasses different aspects of Personnel management bringing it together into one easy to use and user friendly solution. It also serves as an e-Wallet which enables payment of fees and services etc. Our Student Identification Management System is a data driven technology which integrates all institutions that are subscribed to our network. Each student, Staff or associate will have a highly secure, high-efficiency, virtually forgery-resistant smartcards which will be valid for a year. Our University card uses a combination of Mifare proximity chip, magstripe and barcode technologies. We know that you value the welfare of your students and staff alike. Our school solution puts security at the forefront as well as realising other additional benefits.

Super easy syncing with all of your other devices via cloud services

  • Secured and virtually forgery-resistant smart ID cards
  • All in one solution
  • E-Wallet
  • Verifiable Photo Identification system
  • Wireless attendance and security tracking.
  • Curbs exam malpractices
  • Access control for offices, Library and hostels

Main Industries

  • Education
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Industries
Easy to use

Main features

  • Security and Access control
  • High quality custom laminates that provide defence against alterations
  • Visual and electronic verification.
  • Biometric information stored on the smart card chip
  • Linked to Payment release modules
  • Wireless Attendance
  • Loyalty Programs

Users registered with us

Main features

Real Time Stats

Security and Access control

Analytics Features

High quality custom laminates that provide defence against alterations

Personal Profile

Visual and electronic verification.

Event Schedule

Biometric information stored on the smart card chip

User Manager

Linked to Payment release modules

Drag and Drop

Wireless Attendance

Drag and Drop

Loyalty Programs